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Dear Students,

Health sciences is one of the most basic science fields. Continuous development and change are taking place in the field of health sciences. The increase in the importance of health in parallel with rapidly developing technologies, increasing knowledge and new developments in the field increases the workload of the health sector. New jobs and professions are emerging. As a result of the prolongation of the average life expectancy and the emergence of a situation that requires more and more complexity and specialization in health services, the importance of management and delivery of all health services will increase in the coming years and the diversification of professions will continue.

Health-related research and services draw attention not only to the treatment of diseases, but also to the importance of disease prevention and sustainability of health. This situation necessitates the management of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary cooperation activities of occupational groups within the health sciences in terms of both scientific studies and the service provided.

Today, health services management is one of the basic needs of societies to reach qualified health services. In addition to adequate infrastructure in the management and delivery of health services, there is a need for well-equipped health professionals who can apply their knowledge and skills under all conditions, are competent in their profession, adhere to ethical values, open to development, and have leadership characteristics.

In order to meet this need, within our Faculty;

Speech and Language Therapy

Physical therapy and rehabilitation



Education and training are carried out in Health Management departments.

In the departments of our faculty; In the light of up-to-date information and contemporary technologies, inquiring, inquiring, aiming to achieve perfection, equipped in line with the needs of our country, effective and sufficient in their field, respectful to academic and cultural values, innovative, entrepreneurial, adopting ethical values, socially sensitive, working with national and international institutions. We aim to train health professionals who can cooperate and aim to be a pioneer in their field.

In achieving these goals, your contribution to these processes is very important and valuable. We derive our strength from our belief in you.

Dear students, we greet you and your esteemed families with respect and love, and wish you continued success.